Rightfully coined, PoetryTeacher, this South Louisiana poet, singer, author and school teacher is on "get to know" list.  By way of Dallas, Texas, PoetryTeacher has stolen hearts from California to Texas.  Awarded Dallas'  Independent RAW artist, she sits comfortably atop the poetry scene.  While opening and featuring for some of the industry's top performers she has completed her first album entitled, " The Pathetically Beautiful Project". Chocked with raw verse, soul and electric energy, PoetryTeacher gives you something to laugh, smile, cry and dance about! She got her first bout on the spoken word stage in Arlington, Texas at Chrystal's Lounge in 2003. From there, she has graced the stages of Café Instanbul, New Orleans, Hero's Lounge, The Gas Monkey Live, Dallas, San Diego, Austin and Mississippi Slam competitions, Bar 10 Doors in Chicago, Nuyorican Cafe, Brooklyn, New York, Apache Cafe, Atlanta and many others!  Among her poetic background, she has made her breakout acting debuts in plays and short films such as Forbidden Love, Black Nativity and a 24 hour video race entitled One-Hit Brolly.  PoetryTeacher is currently working on her forthcoming album, "The Freedom Project" and her new full-length collection of poetry book, Elephant Bones.